About Our Mentor and Friend


Our first ragdoll kittens were purchased at a Cattery in Arizona (while we briefly lived in AZ). We learned very quickly that we lived in short proximity to her and my oldest daughters’ love of animals started her on a path to lending Sharron a hand in her Cattery. Quickly we became friends and now we call each other family spending time together as we can. She has taught my daughter and I so much about Ragdolls and the breed. 

Not only has she taught us about the birthing of the kittens, when my first two litters arrived she was there for support. Sharron has not just been my mentor she has been a true blessing and friend. We love you, Sharron and Thank you from the bottom of our hearts what a gift you have given us. sharron has recently retired from breeding and is enjoying her life with just one beautiful kitten that keeps her company. Your knowledge about ragdolls and your friendship has meant the world to our family.